Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crosby Fox

Hellooooo!  I've been so busy and lazy at the same time lately...if that even makes sense?  Needless to say I haven't posted in a long time!  Everything is still going great with the pregnancy.  I'm getting rather LARGE!  pictures soon to come.
A couple of weeks ago, Mom and I got the chance to go up to Nashville and visit Lucy and Danielle.  Lucy is Mom's best friend and Danielle is her daughter in law whom I have befriended through the past couple of years.  Danielle and I both had different struggles with infertility, but we found comfort in each other through our losses.  Now, we get to be thrilled beyond belief for each other!  Danielle had her baby boy, Crosby Fox, on Dec 29th.  He is PRECIOUS!  We had the best time getting to see the little boy Danielle and Blake worked so hard to bring into this world and we are just so thankful he's here safe and sound.