Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Say "Cheeeeese"

Mom and I noticed that Henley was putting objects up to her eye and saying "cheese!" We do not say or do this at home with the camera, and her teachers at school say it's not done there either? So....we are left with the mystery of where she picked it up. Regardless, we have tested her new "say cheese" trick and she does not disappoint!
First of all, I warned you in the last post -- her teeth are "a little" askew because of her love affair with the pacifier. Of course, being her proud parents, Billy and I think it is probably the absolute cutest thing we (or anyone else) have EVER seen.
This little girl is too funny -- such a personality. Say "Cheeeeeese!"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Random January

As always, January has been quiet and nice, except for the ice storms! I wanted to post a few pictures from the month. The babies are just beyond cute right now. Henley is repeating EVERYTHING and Davis is still very busy, only stopping to talk about trucks or trains. They could not be any more typical boy and girl. She gravitates to anything pink or any babydoll, while he only cares for balls, trucks and "choo choos." How precious they are though -- little sponges soaking up the world around them.
Below is at Nonni's house...the dog crate provides endless (and dirty) entertainment. But hey, whatever works, huh? It is a little out of focus, but for once I got them both smiling at the camera. Rare in our world!
We have heard -- "if you can make it to 2 years with twins, you're golden" I think they have a built in playmate and just entertain each other. Well, with 2 yrs old approaching, we are really starting to reap the benefits of twins. Whew....I thought we'd never get here, but I do see it. I thought I would show a few action shots of the mutual entertaining we are seeing. (Excuse Henley with no PJs...we were getting to it!)
As you can see, Davis is a little bigger/stronger and tends to dominate the wrestling matches, but she is actually starting to hold her own now. We still have to referee of course!
My next post will be about Henley's new say "cheese" and the smile that comes with it....but before I show you those teeth, I thought I would show the culprit. She is completely obsessed with the pacifier. She usually has 2 or 3 with her at all times. I will start limiting her paci time when we hit 2 yrs old....but Oh the love affair. It will be some sad times ahead for the girl. Also out of focus, but we often catch her with 2 pacis in her mouth! Funny girl....
Finally, my dear Meme has recently suffered another stroke and is currently in rehab. We went to visit her on Saturday morning. She looked great and we're so hopeful for the future. I love her dearly -- what a woman. I'm so glad we got to visit with her! I think she looks great...
Well, Happy step closer to spring y'all!
Much love to all.........