Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break '10

Oh my goodness, it's been such a great week at home. I decided this spring break to not plan anything and just breathe! I've been at home this week just being a mom and I've LOVED every minute. It certainly is a little taste of summer and if it's any indication, it should be a great one with these little ones.
We have played, crawled and watched the cars go by. Currently trying to get back on a schedule and trying to eat with our hands. Of course, my two cruise right by the vegetables on the plate, but love to pick up the puffs and goldfish and eat those with no problem. They got the cutest toy for Christmas and they love it now. "5 little monkeys" Henley even knows how to make the monkeys "jump"
This is what the kitchen looks like now. Usually happens a few times a day. We go in there for a change of scernery and they love to get into anything they can reach. This was at night after their bath. Nonni got them their cute new PJs -- they were just too cute!
Mornings usually consist of a small bottle (our coffee) and the Backyardagains. Henley LOVES the music. Have I mentioned she loves to dance? Davis is not as interested, but he will sit for a minute before moving onto other things.
Taking pictures usually ends up looking like this.
The babies are really enjoying playing together now. They recognize each other, torture each other and love playing "peep-eye" together. It's been so fun to watch them develop into friends and also it's kind of nice to have a little break from entertaining. I always thought (and heard from a few people) -- if you can get to a year with twins, they start to entertain each other. Well, I'm starting to see the benefits now. Also, it's just fun to have two!
We had a playdate with my friend Valerie and her two boys at the park. It was so fun to be outside even though it's been so cold here. Who knew we would be wearing our big coats on Spring Break?

One more random pic... This is Henley after a bath one night -- she was REALLY into the mirror and herself.
Oh how I've loved being home this week and love these babies.... It's just too much fun right now!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movin and Groovin

Life has been passing by at such a rapid pace. This month is month 10! 10 months since these precious, perfect babies came into our worlds. It has been, by far, my most favorite month of their existence! But, I have far too little pictures to show for it and I'm ashamed! Oh well, at least I have savored every smile, every new clap and giggle. It has been GREAT.

These two babies have the sweetest eyes -- both so different, but just as piercing. Henley and her little doe eyes are just the best. And Davis with the sweetest eyes that disappear when he smiles -- ahhhh, you just can't beat it.
Some milestones to report for Miss Henley: she is DANCING and loving it. She cannot hear music and NOT dance. It is hilarious and I just want to eat her. She is also pointing and making a noise by strumming her fingers over her lips and humming at the same time. Her crawl is very "unique" -- not exactly crawling, but more of a scoot. She loves to watch Davis though!
And some milestones to report for Davis: he is CRAWLING and fast! Basically he is everywhere at anytime and into everything. He loves to sit at the window and watch the cars go by. He will definitely be a talker as he is babbling a lot about everything. He loves the light and basically is interested in figuring out this world -- sooner would be better than later for him.

Here is the little monster in action. Down the hall at a rapid pace... Go Davis go, go go....
I'm proud to report we have a Church....finally. We are proud new members of Cahaba Park Presbyterian. We are really excited about our new commitment. It's been a long time in the making, but I really think we have found an exciting church home. Above is Henley before church a couple of weeks ago. It was just a girls church trip this day b/c the boys were sick. Doesn't she look pretty?

Oh my goodness, this year has passed so quickly. With babies' impending 1st birthday rapidly approaching, I think back to one year ago today. I never knew how much our hearts could grow.
More coming soon....Happy Spring to everyone!!!