Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving at the BEACH!

Well, if you've never tried Thanksgiving at the beach, I highly recommend it. We got the idea from my friend Dawn, who spends every Thanksgiving with her in-laws at the beach. Well, we got to talking last Christmas with Billy's family and decided it was wrth a try. It has been great. The weather is cool, there are no lines, no traffic and the beach is almost deserted. It's like our own private island! We've also had such a nice time visiting with Billy's family...some of you may remember, Amy, Billy's sister, had a baby the same day as the twins. Reid is a doll and we have loved sitting around watching all the 7 month olds. Of course you can only imagine the "gear" that is here with us. In addition, we also have the ever so entertaining Gant. He is 4 yrs old now...he has been making us laugh the whole time.
Look at these precious babies on their first beach trip. We waited until just the right light and thankfully the twins attitudes decided it was also a good time. I was the "perfect storm" and we ended up getting the best pictures. Stay tuned for a little Christmas card with one, or a few of them included!
Henley has her new thing...and it's dancing. She has put on quite a show for all of us. This is her "in action." Please note the is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Look closely and you can see Santa riding a horse to the barn...I mean really? Does it get any cuter?
This is Davis's matching outfit his Nonni found him on ebay. They were too cute. Davis had a big time on the porch with Gigi. He had to wear his hat though...that baby skin can't be exposed!
We seem to attract attention wherever we go with these two and this trip down to the beach was no exception. A stranger stopped us and asked if we wanted a group photo and since these full family photos are rare in our world, I thought Iwould post it. Please excuse my appearence. I've been busy tending to babies and just not caring at the's been great!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Official!

The twins have grown up! I'm currently sitting here watching them fight -- yes, fight -- over a toy. We're in for a long ride. They are more precious than ever though and really growing into their personalities. Henley is little miss sensitive, while Davis is more "go-with-the-flow." They both are working on, and have pretty much mastered sitting up now. We have occasional head-first dives into the carpet. I'm sure it's first in a long line of accidents. Davis has long surpassed Henley in the growth department. He eats everything and loves it, while she eats nothing and hates everything. Oh, life with twins! It seems opposites is the way they like to play. We don't really have a schedule anymore and sleeping has been a mess recently. Of course, they have been sick and it's added to the chaos at nighttime, but I am determined to get back on a schedule this week...stay tuned. Maybe I'll finally get it together after 7 months!
Davis has the sweetest face in the whole world! I could just eat him up....what a precious boy he is!!!! Thank heaven for little boys....
Miss Henley is maybe the cutest thing and a MESS. We have our hands full with this one. She is a doll though and makes us laugh!!
Brother and Sister.....
Between the two, Henley has quite a bit of hair, so we did her hair up mohawk style the other night. How cute is she? Always has that mouth open....they love to yell and scream and talk about it.

My precious babies waking up in the morning are just about the cutest things ever. They are in their little sleep sacks. The new ones we got for winter and fleece and so comfy. They LOVE them. When we put them on at night after bathtime, they know it's time for bed. I'm thinking I want a sleep sack for myself...
Finally, we had to get two jumping machines b/c they are both busy little bodies these days. They are too funny when they get going. I love watching how they jump differently. Henley looks like she's jumping rope or dancing and Davis is just full force up and down.

They are growing up WAY too fast, but we are enjoying every stage!