Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Loves

Ok, I give up, I'm ready for warm weather. These past few weeks have really been miz... Here are a couple of pics of the babies out for a winter stroll. Of course, with the REALLY cold temps around here this has not been possible and cabin fever has definitely set in!

The cute hats are compliments of Nonni and Grandy. She picked them up on their Alaskan cruise this summer.
There have been lots of milestones to report. The twins are now 9 months old. Davis is kind of crawling...he's definitely moving. Henley is starting to try at least to be on her stomach and lift up. They both LOVE standing at their activity table and playing the music and they're really started to interact with each other. I caught them just playing "pull the paci out" with each other today. It's really cute to watch!
Davis recognizes and loves the "light" -- any light. He can say "ight" but only every once in a while. Henley is all the sudden talking. She says "uh-oh" so clearly after you and also uses it in context! She dropped her pacifier today and said "uh-oh" by herself. Sooooo smart! She also said "ba-ba" for the bottle, and "da-da" for her Dad of course. I think Davis says all this too, but he is just way too busy to stop and talk. He will rule the world one day if he keeps up this energy!
We are having so much fun watching them grow, but man is it exhausting. More pics coming soon!