Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ode to the farm...

Our family is lucky enough to have this beautiful, peaceful place to retreat every now and then. My parents' farm is just that.....Peace. There is always something to do outside, either a pool to swim or horses to go and pet. This picture was the front of my Christmas card this year and in my mind captures the peace of this place.
My kids and my nephews LOVE to visit and we have big morning walks/runs down the driveway and back up again. "We go runnin....." as the twins like to say. It's the perfect energy absorber, even in this crisp weather we're having now. Davis and his precious underbite is every bit of boy. He tests us most of the time, but we are working on this one. If he weren't so stinkin' cute, ugh...he might just get by with everything!
My Henley "bug" -- goodness is she growing up fast. Her hair has doubled or tripled in length and she is talking up a storm. She has a BIG personality, but sweet as she could be. I love her to pieces!
The cousins decided to have a leaf fight with the mulched leaves one afternoon...mulched leaves = mess, BTW.
Oh but who could stop this fun? They had a ball...of course, all started by Jay.

Davis with leaves in his hair and hands...looking for his next victim (actually probably looking for Jay...he just wants to be like the BIG boys)
And the final product...Miss Priss with mulch in her hair! haha... Oh those eyes. They tell a story and I love every word. My girl...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and the ROLLLLLLLL TIDE!

I probably said this 2 years ago, BUT...Thanksgiving at the beach is the best idea ever! We had a wonderful time with Billy's family. Davis and Gant are "in love," of course Gant is almost 6! We all know Davis just wants to be 6 so badly. Please excuse Gant's loose tooth, it actually was pulled (by myself-and hanging on by one string) on our last night! The beach could not have been more perfect. It was unbelievable weather...73 during the day, 50's at night. Ahhh, so thankful.
Thanksgiving morning doesn't get better than a mimosa and the beach with 2 yr olds...oh my, what great memories! and Happy Thanksgiving!
Cousins on the beach... minus Anne Claire, she was napping, but I'm sure will catch up next year. She is a DOLL, but well on her way to getting in the "mix."
Dada and "Henny," or "Princess Henley" whatever mood you catch her in... too cute this girl... We've been told she has the personality of 4...and don't take that the wrong way.. She is just FULL of it. A mess!
Don't eat the shells baby boy!!!
Oh...finally got it, don't eat shells!

These are my precious nephews! Gant and Reid
And finally Baby girl.... although she looks distraught, she had a BLAST. Her last comment on our last night was "Beach makes Henny happy."

Mouths of babes.... yes Ma'am...Beach makes "HAPPY"


Sunday, October 30, 2011

A "Pun-gen Match" Birthday

Since I had to miss Jay and Wil's real birthday party, we decided we would do a very relaxed family party at the farm. The twins loved the pumpkin patch so much last weekend, we decided on another pumpkin patch/pumpkin painting party. Of course, Henley was the only one painting (btw... kids were in costumes and excuse the lack of bloomers on Henley).
Wil...Sock Monkey style...
Grandy made the boys' day with lots of chasing and running in the field. Keep Grandy's hat was the game and there were lots of screams and laughs...mainly by the older boys. Oh how Davis longed to keep up! He got "picked" for a Grandy hug.
This picture is so funny b/c it looks so staged, but Dad (Grandy) was actually just trying to catch his breath during the "keep away" game with the boys. We are in to AARP days btw... It's funny, but he could be the Marlboro Man advertisement next month. Anyone who knows my father, KNOWS he did not pose for this picture (but it's great in my opinion)!
Aunt "Ashy" and Henley bonded over the painting -- the only ones interested in the art might I add. Henny loves some art/music/and dancing.
Davis and Nonni...
As the twins say (with great excitement/screaming)...a "PUN-GEN MATCH"
An idyllic day on the farm...pretty fall. I love the way the sun hits in the afternoon right now. I was so thankful for a family-filled day of fun.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well, hellllooooo. What a busy fall it has been. School has gotten the best of me, and the twins have had the rest.. whew! We had such a great family date day today: pumpkin patch style. It was a good time had by all. Hayrides, pumpkins, and a petting zoo.
When I saw it, I knew it was "our" pumpkin. In my mind, it is my last year to actually have a say in the pumpkin we get AND I loved this one. Quirky...sure, but how cool? Of course, I talked/persuaded the babies to adore it, therefore we got it. Haha...I love this age! Billy's exact quote was "You know people are going to stop us and say..'you know you could have picked whatever pumpkin you wanted, right?" for the record...we did receive a complement on our "cool" pumpkin on the way out.
Crazy babies + pumpkin patch = long nap!
Billy explaining the barnyard animals... might I say, He might just be the best Dad I know.

Loved this picture of "Dabis" and the Llama.

Good family memories... Sorry for the delay in updates, BUT I do have many excuses. Much love to all.... and Happy fall!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Closer to the End

Well, it's been a great summer, filled with visits with friends, trips, and family time. I am embarrassed to say, I've been lazy on the picture taking -- I haven't taken many and the ones I have taken are very poorly thought out. BUT, I don't feel too bad because I made a point to enjoy my summer and my time at home. Since our beach trip, we took at trip to Waverly, AL. Billy played on the "big stage," opening up for Patterson Hood (one of our favs). Of course, this included a stay with some of my best friends -- the Andersons, and it did not disappoint. The first picture is one of my favorite parts of the little town of Waverly. The street sign on Old 280...stating simply...
I love Waverly for many reasons (probably mainly because Marty lives there), but the town is quaint and fun. If you ever get a chance to visit, they have quite a few little festivals throughout the year and music on the main stage... this is Billy Gant playing the show. He was great -- very impressed! and I think he enjoyed getting to play his originals for once. It was a good time had by all.
The Andersons...enjoying the show. Thanks for hosting us! xo
Next trip was to Dothan for little Miss Anne Claire's 1st Birthday! What a doll she is!!! I just love her to pieces, and it's not hard because she has the prettiest blue eyes and petite little self...I could just eat her. Not to mention...she is the last of the babies for the Gant side of our family :-) She really loved her birthday cake!
Anne Claire just happens to be Henley's only girl cousin (to date)...so we tend to go a little overboard when they are together (hence no pictures of the boy cousins!) We just want them to be best friends, and it looks like they are one their way. AC is telling secrets already! (with matching bows!)
And, of course, they shared in making a little tea, with AC's new tea set she received for her birthday. Henley was showing her the ropes...the girl loves to make some tea with her own tea set at home.
Next, since Aunt Martha is such a good thinker...she called and we planned a very impromptu, quick trip to the Wickles lake cabin on Lake Martin. Just a little over an hour and we were there, just the girls and the twins on the lake. We had a very successful overnight trip and a great visit. I was again lazy with the camera, but managed to capture Marty being the best friend a girl could have (which was parked mind you -- we're not that good!)
The twins' new thing is getting naked... It mainly is Davis who takes his diaper off (ALL THE TIME), but I did manage to get this pretty funny pic before the nakedness occurred. He looks very Christmas Vacation to me...just good ole fashion summer time laziness. Henley was at the lake, but my laziness and her nakedness = no pics of her.
A long time coming -- my parents invited the Gants up to Gadsden to visit. We finally set a date and both sets of Grandparents spent the weekend together at the farm. It was happiness overload for the babies! We had such a great time, swimming in the pool, eating, visiting, and seeing the horses. Henley and her Nonni spent some time in the new pool...
The Gants come to the farm... Everybody was excited to go see the horses (after our nap, of course).
Gigi looked like she knew exactly what she was doing on General.
Davis has longed to get a chance to ride, since seeing his cousin Jay ride on our last visit. He finally got his chance. This boy just wants to be 6 yrs old so badly!!!
Lastly, I have taken many years off from riding, and frankly it scares me a little to start back, but I have missed it so... It was a joy to be on a horse (some of you probably find that hard to believe coming from me). I have always LOVED horses...it's just, I'm not that good on one! I try though and I do love it. Hopefully more rides in the future.
One more visit with great friends this weekend, and then it's back to school for me and the kids. They start a new pre-school at the JCC this year and I start with a new principal. We are looking forward to the "new" in our life. I'll keep you posted (and please keep us in your prayers) on our Fall...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer and the BEACH!

Well, I am not so happy with the old Photobucket, because it keeps knocking my pictures off of old posts, so I'm going back to the small pictures for now. I'll figure it out soon...
Ahhhhhhhh, summer finally got here! I took a little break from the blog and I have so many pictures to share, but I might have to play catch up later. For now, we enjoyed almost 2 weeks at the beach for the kickoff to summer. Of course they were both scared of pools and the beach at first, but by the end Davis had really come to love both. Henley was another story... the "Diva" was not a big fan of sand. She lasted on the beach as long as her snack did.
They are both growing so fast these days. Henley has started to sing everything and loves her new "joke" "What color is this?" she says... they says, "it grween" and then answers herself, "nooooooo, it not grween, it's ______________" She will insert the correct color.
Davis is not as understandable with his babble, but he is coming along. He just won't sit still enough to talk. He is ALL BOY. We've had to punish him a little more than Henley, but it seems like he's learning his lessons. It's now Henley getting Time Out this week.

This might be the sweetest little pic of Henley. She's wearing a dress of mine from the 70's! Vintage!
Miss thing ready for the kiddie pool at Caribe... I'm pretty sure she knew she looked cute!
Sweet picture of Billy and the babies. Destin with just our little family was beautiful. Our first real Family vacation was a success!
This is my precious (sometimes) boy saying "cheese" He is all boy and I love it. I realize how lucky and blessed I am to have these two very different babies. They are just a joy right now and I'm loving being with them this summer.