Friday, July 31, 2009

The days of the endless summer...

are quickly coming to a screaching hault! School starts next week, but thankfully I will be gone to Anguilla, returning on Sunday. I do have to start school the next day -- back to reality I suppose! I have been off of work since March 1st and it has been fabulous...especially this summer though. I had a ball spending time with these babies. They are growing a changing everyday and I HATE to miss a minute, but duty calls and I must work afterall...maybe that hit song is just around the corner and I won't have to work anymore? we can dream can't we?
We have spent our days strolling in the a.m. and p.m. - the babies LOVE it. No matter what mood they may be in, strolling is the answer. I have put my jogging stroller to good use for sure!
As most of you know, Henley loves that pacifier and she also loves to relax. So...most of her pictures end up something like this....
Lately, Billy and I have decided the girl needs to excercise! So we rotate her between the activity mat and the "frenemies" chair. She is getting better at the activity mat. Davis, on the other hand has found his hands and also has been rollong from his stomach to his back! We are so proud. Billy has tried to catch it on video a few times, but Davis hasn't cooperated yet.
We also have a new favorite activity at night featuring Billy Gant Live! Our "witching hour" is now a little bit better because of Billy. The babies love to hear him and watch him play and sing and I don't mind it either! How cute is this picture....
We just set up the exersaucer today so we will have some "action" shots coming soon. I can't believe these babies are old enough for the exersaucer. Where has the time gone? Oh well, even though this summer has come to an end, it will rank up there with one of the best summers EVER -- thanks to Henley and Davis. Here we come Fall....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop It!

Just stop being so cute! This was all dressed up to meet Aunt Lauren for lunch.... they behaved and it was another successful trip out of the house, with the twins -- by myself! yeah... it's getting easier.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The saddest boy in the whole world

As most of you know, Davis has had his share of hard times over the past few months. He battled colic and so did we. He is finally over the colic, but he will still let you know when he's happy or sad. And his sad face is something to be put on a card and studied if you ever want to know how to make a SAD face. I call it the "saddest boy in the whole world" face. I tried to capture it in these pictures...they don't really do it justice though, you'll have to see it in person. He makes sure he sticks that bottom lip out as far as possible!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Out and About

I know it seems as if we never go anywhere by the photos on the blog. That assumption is just about correct! It is extremely difficult to go anywhere with two infants, but we are lucky enough to have Billy's job be so flexible. Usually I will stay home with the kids during the day, but he can often come home for a while and let me go run errands, etc. It's nice. BUT, the other day I managed to get both kids and their gear in the car to go visit my sweet little teacher friend, Kelli. She just returned from her honeymoon in St. Thomas and I just had to see her in her new house. I'm trying to get better about taking my camera places...I did manage to get one shot of the kids on their visit to Mrs. Kelli's house!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Henley and her passy

Davis may love his "frenemies," but Henley Louise LOVES her pacifier! It may become a problem later on, but for now, it makes for a very easy baby. For most of the day she's "kicked back like she's on vacation," as Billy says. She makes having twins doable -- thank you Henley for being you!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Davis and his "frenemies"

Put your dukes up Hootie
Hootie the "frenemy"

We started out with both the Boppy vibrating chair and also the Boppy swing, but on a visit to Dothan a few weeks ago, Davis fell in love with the fisher price vibrating chair Reid was using. Well, since he loved it so much, Gigi (Billy's mom) bought him one of his very own. It really is, of course, for both Henley and Davis, but Davis really seems to love it.
Once Davis got his own chair, he quickly made "friends" with the hanging toys on it, paticularly the blue Owl. BUT...Every now and then, he and the owl get in some big fights! It is so funny to sit back and watch he and "hootie" talk and fight. Of course, Billy makes up senarios for the was that hootie told Davis he had seen him naked. We had to calm Davis down telling him nobody had seen him naked but us.
Yesterday, I got some pics of Davis with his dukes up, ready to fight owl. Pretty funny.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Miss Henley
Well, I have been in a baby haze I think and I'm just now coming out. The past 11 weeks have been wonderful, but also a little crazy and hectic, trying to figure out what in the world it is I'm doing. As far as mothering and the babies are concerned, I feel like we might be turning a corner. They are feeling better (Davis and his colic) and I am much more confident in answering whatever it is they are wanting. I've also heard "your life changes" for the better at about 12 weeks, so we're looking forward to that milestone next week.
My absence from my blog has been due to this "haze" but also because I have been gone to the BEACH....ahhhhhhh, the beach. I look so forward all year to getting down to that heavenly place. I thought I wouldn't get to go this year at all, but thanks to some terrific help from Billy's parents and my parents, I have gotten 2 good trips in. We just drove back yesterday from America's Bday celebration. Billy and I got to hang out with the Innisfree crew and also stay with Celia, both of which are always so fun for us. We feel so blessed to get to do fun things with our friends.
Anyway, I have neglected this blog and I'm mad at myself. Since it's such great documentation, I've got to do better. These babies are getting cuter everyday. They have started to smile and ohhhh, does it make everything worthwhile. Just look at those precious faces.