Friday, April 29, 2011

Rammer Jammer

I just love my state and especially my alma mater..... Rammer Jammer. What a resilient state.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new normal

Family is something I hold so dear, even with the disagreements, fights, etc. They are the people you can count on, no matter what happens. It really is such a special and comforting realization when you need "it." The past few weeks have rocked my family to it's core. Although, on some level we all are not shocked, but the actual facts coming true is so much harder than the "wondering."
After many talks and hashing through details and feelings, we have come to a really cool realization....although it IS a tragedy in many eyes; in the end, it IS a blessing.
When one becomes aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in his/her life, I believe a clarity comes with it. What a blessing it is to see a tragedy as a blessing -- to see good, in the midst of evil. Thank you Lord.
Tonight I pray for my own little family, as well as my extended family and my precious friends, (who are my chosen family).
No one is immune from the struggle we all face as humans. Tonight my prayer is that everyone feels the presence of the Holy Spirit in their own life as well. What a treasure it is when we are blessed enough to recognize it.
Please continue to pray for clarity and understanding. Love to all....