Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Newest Addition

The Gant side of our family has some great news....On July 12th, Billy's sister, Amy, had a precious little girl. Her name is Anne Claire and she just completes their little family. We went this week and spent the day with the Underwoods and felt completely blessed to be surrounded by so many little ones.
Here are her first two, Gant (age 4) and Reid (age 15 mo)
This is about the best we could do for the group photo of the older cousins
I promise my two had a good time even though they look extremely unhappy in this picture! It was the end of the day, but it is great of the Underwoods.

Henley finally got her first GIRL cousin. The girls meet for the first time -- I love the way Anne Claire was looking up at her.
This is Miss Anne Claire Underwood -- pretty and perfect.
This picture doesn't really make sense, but I had to post it. Henley was being shy with the camera and debuted a new smile. So funny...this girl!
Well, the summer is coming to an is sad, but I'm gearing up for another good school year. I have loved being home with the babies and look forward to another relaxing, trip-filled summer next year.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the Groove

Last summer was spent sitting in the house waiting for Billy to get home so I could go to the grocery or anywhere for that matter. I could NOT figure out how to get out of the house with two small babies. We grew used to our "tag-team" parenting style. But this summer, I'm happy to announce I have figured it out! I will say, it is much easier now that the babies are getting older (easier and harder at the same time). Below is my view as we are headed for our daily outings. Usually it consists of some sort of retail establishment, a friend's house here and there, or maybe a trip to Gadsden. It's so nice to not be banished to the house anymore -- yeah for us!
It's a good thing I'm not a stickler for rules, b/c with twins you have to break one here and there. Like below....I'm sure you have disregarded this one a time or two as well?
It ends up looking a little like this.... I put Henley in the basket because she is much less of a threat to jump. Little Missy is quite happy in the basket and she takes up less space and is usually covered in groceries by the end of the trip. She never complains though -- I think she likes breaking the rules too!
I'm pretty sure the store probably means NONE of "this" when they made the warnings. Oh well, what is a Mom to do when you have two?
Sorry for the lack of pictures. We have been on the road this summer and it's been grand! Billy and I have been on a few adult trips and we have also been with family...mainly all at the beach. I'm so thankful and lucky to be able to have this time in the summer to catch up with friends and family and just renew myself.
I have loved spending "normal" days with my babies too. Thank God for the "normal" day. I'm going to try and stay thankful for my "normal" work days when school starts as well. After all, we are so blessed to have jobs, much less our health and happiness. Here's to Summer.....loving every minute of it!