Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer and the BEACH!

Well, I am not so happy with the old Photobucket, because it keeps knocking my pictures off of old posts, so I'm going back to the small pictures for now. I'll figure it out soon...
Ahhhhhhhh, summer finally got here! I took a little break from the blog and I have so many pictures to share, but I might have to play catch up later. For now, we enjoyed almost 2 weeks at the beach for the kickoff to summer. Of course they were both scared of pools and the beach at first, but by the end Davis had really come to love both. Henley was another story... the "Diva" was not a big fan of sand. She lasted on the beach as long as her snack did.
They are both growing so fast these days. Henley has started to sing everything and loves her new "joke" "What color is this?" she says... they says, "it grween" and then answers herself, "nooooooo, it not grween, it's ______________" She will insert the correct color.
Davis is not as understandable with his babble, but he is coming along. He just won't sit still enough to talk. He is ALL BOY. We've had to punish him a little more than Henley, but it seems like he's learning his lessons. It's now Henley getting Time Out this week.

This might be the sweetest little pic of Henley. She's wearing a dress of mine from the 70's! Vintage!
Miss thing ready for the kiddie pool at Caribe... I'm pretty sure she knew she looked cute!
Sweet picture of Billy and the babies. Destin with just our little family was beautiful. Our first real Family vacation was a success!
This is my precious (sometimes) boy saying "cheese" He is all boy and I love it. I realize how lucky and blessed I am to have these two very different babies. They are just a joy right now and I'm loving being with them this summer.