Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Vacation

My vacation has been great so far...many visits with friends and family. We spent Christmas with my family in Gadsden this year. Wow, what a difference a year makes! It was a little crazy to say the least with 3 new babies. I also found out that my two hate loud noises, so when my family got going with stories and laughing, the twins started crying. Not good! They will have to learn to deal with some noise in Gadsden. Here is a picture from Christmas Eve -- the 4 boys and Miss Priss in the middle. Last time for the cutest outfits in the world.... They can now be retired.

Christmas morning started early because the boys had to leave and go to their other grandparents' house. The twins were set up by the "kitchen tree" and as you can see we took full advantage of the fact they don't know what Christmas is yet! Henley received her potterybarn chair, a baby huggums, and 3 of her favorite green hospital pacifiers. Davis also received a potterybarn chair, his helmet (which was the biggest gift of them all!) and some pacifiers. They also got SO many toys and clothes from the family -- let's just say it was a VERY MERRY Christmas!
I was changing to the "no flash" on the pic and although it messed up, I thought it just looked cool.
Henley sitting in her new chair. They are still a little small to be able to sit for a long time, but I expect these will be great in the near future.

Now, I realize I've been lacking in the blogging department lately. December is crazy for everyone, I know, but teaching on top of twins did me in this year. We were in survival mode and we didn't even decorate! Again, taking advantage while we can. Without blogging, I have not let you know about Davis and the helmet. He was fitted right after Thanksgiving and we've had it for about a month now. I'm not really good at making him sleep in it and I need to get better, but when I take it off in the afternoons, some of the places on his head are so red and angry, I just can't bring myself to put it back on after the bath. He has another appt to have it shaved down in places, so maybe after that we can finally start 23 hrs a day!
Davis is a champ about it. I'm so thankful it is him and not Henley having to wear it. For the most part, he doesn't complain.
Here they are before the last day of school. Cute outfits (thanks to Nonni) that are now retired too!
What a wonderful, wild Christmas we had with my family. We're off to LA now, to watch history being made. Can I get a Rollllllll Tide?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving at the BEACH!

Well, if you've never tried Thanksgiving at the beach, I highly recommend it. We got the idea from my friend Dawn, who spends every Thanksgiving with her in-laws at the beach. Well, we got to talking last Christmas with Billy's family and decided it was wrth a try. It has been great. The weather is cool, there are no lines, no traffic and the beach is almost deserted. It's like our own private island! We've also had such a nice time visiting with Billy's family...some of you may remember, Amy, Billy's sister, had a baby the same day as the twins. Reid is a doll and we have loved sitting around watching all the 7 month olds. Of course you can only imagine the "gear" that is here with us. In addition, we also have the ever so entertaining Gant. He is 4 yrs old now...he has been making us laugh the whole time.
Look at these precious babies on their first beach trip. We waited until just the right light and thankfully the twins attitudes decided it was also a good time. I was the "perfect storm" and we ended up getting the best pictures. Stay tuned for a little Christmas card with one, or a few of them included!
Henley has her new thing...and it's dancing. She has put on quite a show for all of us. This is her "in action." Please note the dress...it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Look closely and you can see Santa riding a horse to the barn...I mean really? Does it get any cuter?
This is Davis's matching outfit his Nonni found him on ebay. They were too cute. Davis had a big time on the porch with Gigi. He had to wear his hat though...that baby skin can't be exposed!
We seem to attract attention wherever we go with these two and this trip down to the beach was no exception. A stranger stopped us and asked if we wanted a group photo and since these full family photos are rare in our world, I thought Iwould post it. Please excuse my appearence. I've been busy tending to babies and just not caring at the beach....it's been great!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Official!

The twins have grown up! I'm currently sitting here watching them fight -- yes, fight -- over a toy. We're in for a long ride. They are more precious than ever though and really growing into their personalities. Henley is little miss sensitive, while Davis is more "go-with-the-flow." They both are working on, and have pretty much mastered sitting up now. We have occasional head-first dives into the carpet. I'm sure it's first in a long line of accidents. Davis has long surpassed Henley in the growth department. He eats everything and loves it, while she eats nothing and hates everything. Oh, life with twins! It seems opposites is the way they like to play. We don't really have a schedule anymore and sleeping has been a mess recently. Of course, they have been sick and it's added to the chaos at nighttime, but I am determined to get back on a schedule this week...stay tuned. Maybe I'll finally get it together after 7 months!
Davis has the sweetest face in the whole world! I could just eat him up....what a precious boy he is!!!! Thank heaven for little boys....
Miss Henley is maybe the cutest thing and a MESS. We have our hands full with this one. She is a doll though and makes us laugh!!
Brother and Sister.....
Between the two, Henley has quite a bit of hair, so we did her hair up mohawk style the other night. How cute is she? Always has that mouth open....they love to yell and scream and talk about it.

My precious babies waking up in the morning are just about the cutest things ever. They are in their little sleep sacks. The new ones we got for winter and fleece and so comfy. They LOVE them. When we put them on at night after bathtime, they know it's time for bed. I'm thinking I want a sleep sack for myself...
Finally, we had to get two jumping machines b/c they are both busy little bodies these days. They are too funny when they get going. I love watching how they jump differently. Henley looks like she's jumping rope or dancing and Davis is just full force up and down.

They are growing up WAY too fast, but we are enjoying every stage!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

6 months old!

Well, the twins turned 6 months old on the 21st! I can't believe it's been half a year since their arrival. Wow how time flies! They are more precious than ever and we're enjoying every bit of it. They still love their walks and I'm afraid we'll have to continue it into the winter. Burrrr! But as you can see, they have some heavy duty winter coats, so I think they'll be just fine. I, however, may freeze.
Davis is just the sweetest, strongest, cutest little thing. Well, actually he is bigger than Henley by a pound and 1/2 and inch. He feels like he weighs 30 lbs though because he's so dense. He has been barrel rolling for months now and we were watching him try to put his knees under him the other night. I think he'll figure out crawling early. He seems to be so observant, taking everything in around him. At school, his nickname is "flirt" because he always smiling and talking to everyone. He almost jumps out of the cart when they pass the 2 yr olds, so the other day they let him ride WITH the 2 yr olds. He was in heaven! We've always said he just wants to be 6 yrs old already... Here he is sharing tummy time with Henley. He, of course, mastered tummy time (without the Boppy) a while ago, but Henley needs a little help.
Everytime you put Henley on her stomach she lays flat on the ground, face planted, and screams! We have tried everything, daycare has tried everything. Some days are better than others, but tummy time is an important skill for baby development. Believe me, I know! So, we finally tried baby einstein on the computer with a boppy for support and it worked! She stayed interested for at least 20 minutes. We put Davis down there for moral support. I thought this was a funny picture...
Even though Henley is not a big fan of tummy time, she is almost sitting up by herself! And she also sprouted 2 teeth a couple of weeks ago. They are coming in quite nicely and I hope to get a picture soon. Here she is sitting up in the world!

We're still on the lookout for teeth from Davis. He also has his helmet appt today. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall and the boys' birthday

Well, October has been pretty hectic and also full of sickness, so the posts have fallen short I admit. I did get to take a well deserved trip to see my best friend the first weekend in October. After that, we have battled the stomach bug (all of us!) and a sinus infection. If you happen to be a teacher, you also know how hard October seems to be...it's time for a break and there's not one coming for another month. But...in the midst of all of this, we have taken a few pictures.
Henley trying to read Goodnight Moon...she's an avid reader. Here she is "devouring" one of Grandy's book.

Last Friday I took off work to take Davis to the "head" doctor. Turns out he needs a helmet after all. The doctor told us he has a moderate case of plasiosephaly (sp?). He could tell that his face sticks out a little on one side and he suggested we get a helmet. We still need the laser scan done to see that it is in fact 1 cm off, but the doctor expects it will be and a helmet will be needed. I never thought we would really need one, but I'm relieved to know we went to the doctor and didn't let too much time pass (and the window to help close). Friday was the first really cold day here and Davis was just too cute in his little hoodie on the way to the appt.

After Davis's appt, we all headed to Anniston for the weekend. It was Jay and Wil's birthday party -- Jay is 5 yrs old and Wil is 2 yrs old. It was at the Anniston Museum of Natural History and they had a live Boa Constrictor and Baby Alligator at the party! Of course, it was supervised by professionals, but also VERY, VERY exciting for the boys. The twins were so well behaved during the party -- I think there was so much to look at in the museum to keep their attention. Here are some pics from the day....
Wil and the twins heading into the museum
Me and the birthday boys
Jay LOVED the snake
He held all 40 lbs of the snake by himself....mesmerized.
After spending the day at Ashley's in Anniston, we headed back to stay at Mom's house for the night. It's just easier to keep the twins there. Here they are waking up at Nonni's house. This picture has a shadow on Henley, but it was so cute of Davis's sweet smile. You can also see Henley's "stick-up" hair...too cute.
We headed back over to Anniston for Gus's christening. My camera ran out of battery before I could get a shot of the BEAUTIFUL dress Mom made for Gus. It was the prettiest one so far, made from antique lace from old family handkerchiefs...a real heirloom. Hopefully, I can get some pictures to share soon. This was Billy talking to "his girl" after church. They have a lot of heart to hearts.
Just a few more pics of the Wil (who stole the show this time). He is showing us where he knocked out his MOLAR -- that's right, we don't know exactly what happened, but his brother and a bedpost may be involved. The pediatric dentist said he had never seen it before, imagine that!
He kept saying "I'm toooooo cute!" for the camera. He's right too! precious boy.
It was a wonderful, family filled weekend and I'm so grateful for the memories. Happy Fall to all....

Monday, September 28, 2009

A trip to the farm

Well, on Saturday we had an impromptu visit to Gadsden. Billy left for the Alabama game that morning and I just was not comfortable having the twins all day by myself, so we loaded up and went to the farm. Mom and Dad were a big help and I also got a visit in with Meme. We watched the twins and the game. The best part about the farm is waking up to see the sunrise over the horses. It is idyllic to say the least! Since I am already up for sunrise with babies, it was a much needed, peaceful beginning to my Sunday. I also got to try out a different setting, without the flash, on my camera. I thought I did pretty good.
Meme got to come over and eat dinner with us and visit. It was great to see her and she was actually a big help with Henley. She got her to fall asleep in her arms. It thrilled me to see her with the babies and I think it made her pretty happy as well.

Here is Miss Henley in one of her favorite places on earth....the bathtub. She can be in a raging fit and if you put her in the bath it all comes to a screeching halt. The girl will soak in a tub.
Davis is about the same -- loves his bath time. We are working on the "pizza face" -- I have been coating his face with Vaseline at night and poof, pizza face is gone in the morning.

They are both such dolls in the morning....laughing and talking. We have the best time. Nighttime is a different story, but we'll just focus on the mornings today. Davis was still battling pizza face but his smile says it all.
Henley's evil smirk looks like she's up to something.... How cute are they? Ugh, they just kill me.
I feel like they are really becoming little people, developing such personalities. I love them both so much and for different reasons. They have started to notice each other as well. Davis is enamored with Henley, and Henley has her moments where she notices him. I think it's going to be so neat to see them grow and change with each other. They both add so much to our lives in such different ways. Some friends (close ones) have asked if I have a favorite....of course I do! They both are my favorite. I could never explain how I love them equally but so differently. I appreciate their little differences, the only downfall is I don't get to focus solely on them very often because there is always another baby that needs me. It's the only bad side of having twins. I hate I'm missing anything, but I think our experience will be richer with the two of them together....after all, it's all in plan I suppose.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 months!

Happy Birthday to you! The twins celebrated their 5 month birthday on Monday the 21st. I can't BELIEVE it's been 5 whole months since these little ones entered our lives. Wow, how time flies. I'm enjoying this time so much right now. The babies are getting too cute and I find myself with headaches b/c I'm constantly clinching my jaw and telling them how CUTE they are! It's definitely getting harder to leave and go to work in the mornings.
I'm really going to make an effort and work on my picture-taking. I'm just not the kind of person who sees a situation and thinks "wow, this would make a great picture!" Granted, I do have a job and twins to take care of, so it's a little of an excuse, but not really. Each day, each week is getting easier to get out of the house with the babies and we need to document these occasions.
So, I just had to share this latest picture of Miss Henley -- she is getting so cute, it's ridiculous! This was early morning, I'm sure.
Davis has recently contracted "pizza face" as Billy and I call it. Little red bumps all over his face -- I'm afraid it's from teething! Yes, teething. Say it ain't so, I can't believe these babies are about to have teeth. They just got here for crying out loud! Time is flying....
The culprit of "pizza face" is the chewing on his hand...

Sweet little babies ready for bed...
Then Davis had to say something to upset her...typical boy.
Don't believe him Henley, you do not look fat in pink, I promise!

Well, football season is upon us and that means Billy Gant is in T-town on Saturdays. I'm at home keeping babies, but all is well in the world. So far, our "tag-team" parenting schedule is working out quite nicely. I would love for Alabama to have an away game soon, so I could see my husband on the weekends, but I'm sure it's coming soon. Rolllllll Tide!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Since Henley was born she has kicked her legs back. The nurse in the hospital called it c-section hips. Well, she still loves to kick those hips back. Her latest trick is chewing on her foot. It's pretty funny, but we haven't been able to get it on camera yet. Here she is kicking those hips back though!
I love seeing everyone's black and white pics on the blogs, so I decided to turn some of ours black and white. How pretty does Davis look? I take that back, how handsome does he look? They were dressed for school in their polos. He looks so grown up.
Here they are awaiting school in the morning. Henley is smaller than Davis but she looks much smaller in this picture. I think its just the way they were positioned.

Some milestones to report -- over the past couple of weeks, they have really changed. I feel like they are changing so fast. They are grabbing for my face and for toys. Both of them can pull the toys off of the chair and they LOVE to do it. Henley is getting more hair and it's getting longer. I think Davis is too, but his is definitely less noticeable. Mornings are still our best time -- they love to sing and talk in the mornings. It's one of my favorite times.
Henley's favorite book is 5 little Monkeys and Davis's is Brown Bear, Brown Bear...they just light up when I start reading. Hopefully it will translate into a love of reading? However, they are both obsessed with Baby Einstein as well. Sometimes it's the only thing that works...especially when "melt-down" comes at night. Our routine usually is Baby Einstein, walk, bath, bottle and bed. Hey -- whatever works!
We had our first sickness and survived. The babies caught a stomach bug and were sick for about a week and 1/2. It was REALLY hard, waking up 8 and 9 times a night to either change a diaper or comfort or feed. Glad that is over for now. Swine Flu stay AWAY!