Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Visit with the cousins

Henley, Reid, and Davis
Precious babydolls

We've had many 60th birthday surprises in the family lately. My Mom turned 60 on May 30th and Billy's Dad turned 60 on June 8th. Both families managed to pull off two surprise parties for the birthdays! While we were down in Dothan for Simon E's birthday, Davis and Henley got to meet their cousins -- Gant & Reid. Most of you know, but Reid and the twins were actually born on the same day, April 21st! We were so excited for everyone to finally meet and we got some funny pics. As you can see Reid is a healthy baby boy...but, the twins are not too far behind. They just have a little catching up to do from the lower birth weight.
Other than our successful trip to Dothan, we're continuing to battle Davis's colic. He has nightly meltdowns starting around 5pm and lasting until about 7 or 8pm. Some nights are better than others, but we're praying it all subsides SOON!
The other picutures below are just too sweet not to share. I caught the babies before they woke up from a nap. They have been sleeping in the same crib for now -- I think they like being close. I'm probably going to use one of the pictures I got for the birth announcement -- it's just too sweet!