Sunday, May 16, 2010

When good times go bad

Big news to report this week: Davis is walking! I can't believe it's already here. He is VERY proud of himself! Henley is still a little far away from walking...she is pulling up and I think seeing Davis moving is making her "exercise" a little more. He is inspiring her!
They have a very fun new game that utilizes both of their skills: Davis's walking and Henley's sitting. He loves to push her around in the wagon and she loves to ride...

They are really beginning to play together and it's precious. Of course, Davis is a wee bit bigger and stronger and sometimes it doesn't turn out so good.
This is documentation of the bullying. Look closely and you can see Davis start to grab some hair....and PULL, HARD!
and this is when good times go bad...Oh well, it's fun for a little while!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Since I have no recollection of last year's mother's day...I'm really not kidding, no idea what I did or how we celebrated. This year was really special because I felt like it was my first Mother's day as a mother. We drove to Gadsden and spent the day with my whole family, always a fun time! This was even better because the weather was beautiful and we decided to utilize Mom and Dad's backyard. It was just a really nice day....

Henley's bangs have gotten so long now, she requires a small bow to hold them back. Of course, you can only imagine the battle to keep it in all day.
Nonni and Henley
I just have to recognize the cutest outfits in the whole world! Compliments of Nonni... Excuse Henley's pants not being on, but I just had to show the backs of these outfits. Just too cute!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baptism & Birthday

The more I think about it, the more perfect it was. We decided to combine the babies' 1st birthday and their baptism all in one. It was an emotional day on so many levels. My babies turned 1 year old! That in itself is emotional, but also we officially "gave" them back to the Lord. This was full circle for me because during my struggle with infertility, I promised God over and over that whatever baby he gave me, I would do my best to raise it in Him. I felt like the baptism was a symbol of giving a little back and recognizing how much we have been given and how very blessed we feel.
Of course, the day couldn't start out without a little drama from Henley. You would have thought we were sticking her with needles when we put her dress on her. Typical for the girl!

Davis was a champ about it. Nothing much bothers to boy. He was, of course, very interested in the service and what was happening to him. Just wants to figure it ALL out.

These pictures don't have to best backgrounds. Our church does not have a building yet and we meet in a high school for the time being. Anyway, I included the pic below to show off Henley's dress. It doesn't do it justice by any means. Mom made both dresses. Of course, the boy's dress was old hat since she has made 3 for the boys before Davis. But Henley's was another story. She, of course out did herself. The dress is just amazing and I was so proud to have such pieces of artwork on the babies. It was special... I think that became the theme of the day.

Here's our proud family after the service. We feel so very blessed to have been given these children.
Dad and Davis

Nonni trying to keep Henley occupied during the service
After the service, my entire family and Billy's family met at Wilson's house. It was so special to have everyone together to celebrate.
Billy's mom and dad with the twins...