Tuesday, October 27, 2009

6 months old!

Well, the twins turned 6 months old on the 21st! I can't believe it's been half a year since their arrival. Wow how time flies! They are more precious than ever and we're enjoying every bit of it. They still love their walks and I'm afraid we'll have to continue it into the winter. Burrrr! But as you can see, they have some heavy duty winter coats, so I think they'll be just fine. I, however, may freeze.
Davis is just the sweetest, strongest, cutest little thing. Well, actually he is bigger than Henley by a pound and 1/2 and inch. He feels like he weighs 30 lbs though because he's so dense. He has been barrel rolling for months now and we were watching him try to put his knees under him the other night. I think he'll figure out crawling early. He seems to be so observant, taking everything in around him. At school, his nickname is "flirt" because he always smiling and talking to everyone. He almost jumps out of the cart when they pass the 2 yr olds, so the other day they let him ride WITH the 2 yr olds. He was in heaven! We've always said he just wants to be 6 yrs old already... Here he is sharing tummy time with Henley. He, of course, mastered tummy time (without the Boppy) a while ago, but Henley needs a little help.
Everytime you put Henley on her stomach she lays flat on the ground, face planted, and screams! We have tried everything, daycare has tried everything. Some days are better than others, but tummy time is an important skill for baby development. Believe me, I know! So, we finally tried baby einstein on the computer with a boppy for support and it worked! She stayed interested for at least 20 minutes. We put Davis down there for moral support. I thought this was a funny picture...
Even though Henley is not a big fan of tummy time, she is almost sitting up by herself! And she also sprouted 2 teeth a couple of weeks ago. They are coming in quite nicely and I hope to get a picture soon. Here she is sitting up in the world!

We're still on the lookout for teeth from Davis. He also has his helmet appt today. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall and the boys' birthday

Well, October has been pretty hectic and also full of sickness, so the posts have fallen short I admit. I did get to take a well deserved trip to see my best friend the first weekend in October. After that, we have battled the stomach bug (all of us!) and a sinus infection. If you happen to be a teacher, you also know how hard October seems to be...it's time for a break and there's not one coming for another month. But...in the midst of all of this, we have taken a few pictures.
Henley trying to read Goodnight Moon...she's an avid reader. Here she is "devouring" one of Grandy's book.

Last Friday I took off work to take Davis to the "head" doctor. Turns out he needs a helmet after all. The doctor told us he has a moderate case of plasiosephaly (sp?). He could tell that his face sticks out a little on one side and he suggested we get a helmet. We still need the laser scan done to see that it is in fact 1 cm off, but the doctor expects it will be and a helmet will be needed. I never thought we would really need one, but I'm relieved to know we went to the doctor and didn't let too much time pass (and the window to help close). Friday was the first really cold day here and Davis was just too cute in his little hoodie on the way to the appt.

After Davis's appt, we all headed to Anniston for the weekend. It was Jay and Wil's birthday party -- Jay is 5 yrs old and Wil is 2 yrs old. It was at the Anniston Museum of Natural History and they had a live Boa Constrictor and Baby Alligator at the party! Of course, it was supervised by professionals, but also VERY, VERY exciting for the boys. The twins were so well behaved during the party -- I think there was so much to look at in the museum to keep their attention. Here are some pics from the day....
Wil and the twins heading into the museum
Me and the birthday boys
Jay LOVED the snake
He held all 40 lbs of the snake by himself....mesmerized.
After spending the day at Ashley's in Anniston, we headed back to stay at Mom's house for the night. It's just easier to keep the twins there. Here they are waking up at Nonni's house. This picture has a shadow on Henley, but it was so cute of Davis's sweet smile. You can also see Henley's "stick-up" hair...too cute.
We headed back over to Anniston for Gus's christening. My camera ran out of battery before I could get a shot of the BEAUTIFUL dress Mom made for Gus. It was the prettiest one so far, made from antique lace from old family handkerchiefs...a real heirloom. Hopefully, I can get some pictures to share soon. This was Billy talking to "his girl" after church. They have a lot of heart to hearts.
Just a few more pics of the Wil (who stole the show this time). He is showing us where he knocked out his MOLAR -- that's right, we don't know exactly what happened, but his brother and a bedpost may be involved. The pediatric dentist said he had never seen it before, imagine that!
He kept saying "I'm toooooo cute!" for the camera. He's right too! precious boy.
It was a wonderful, family filled weekend and I'm so grateful for the memories. Happy Fall to all....