Saturday, November 17, 2012

Farm Day and the farm

Yes, I'm busy.  I did decide to take a day off last Friday and go with my babies to their school and just be a MOM.  It was so nice to be on the other side.  I know I have not had a chance to say: but, we LOVE the school in Gadsden.  Westbrook has been above and beyond what we ever expected.  We did split the twins into different classes, but each teacher is so great and we have been blessed....Both teachers, "Latta" and "Thompson" (my kids call them this -- choosing to leave out the Mrs.!) fit my precious boy and girl so perfectly.  Thank you Lord -- I am thankful!

My little Henny Penny inside the cage with the pig, rabbit, and goat.  That poor rabbit, I had to rescue the little thing once.  The kids were just too excited about how precious it was...
And yes, I realize I need lessons and I have NO idea how to take pics....please ignore the "light" and look past to the preciousness of that face.  She is a doll!  and a MESS...  details are saved for family only and we are doing the best we can to curb the diva in her, BUT, I do love this girl.  She is my heart.
If you haven't noticed, my children do NOT like to take pictures.  This is the only one I have of Davis from that day.  I can't say enough about this sweet soul.  He has finally passed the terrible 2 stage and he is just amazing.  Sweet and caring, but definitely takes the backseat to his "mama Henley" -- she tends to rule and call the shots.  MESS.
Just had to end with this precious picture of my loves.  The babies adore Billy and it is just as I always imagined.  He is quite possibly the most caring and loving and "in the moment" father.  Thank you family for making me so very, very Happy.
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all.  So much to be thankful for.... What are you thankful for this year?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Davis Baby B

Baby B, aka Davis, is quite possibly the cutest thing alive.  I want to eat him, or at the very least just cuddle with him....BUT, he is all boy and will have non of the above.  He has always wanted to get away and be independent...I've always said "He just wants to be six."

Cool dude at the beach... He found Gant's sunglasses and that was all she wrote.  He was in love -- with the glasses and with Gant.  Older boys!!  they just slay him.  We had the best time with the cousins.  It also turned out to be a perfect opportunity for potty training.   Close quarters, 24 hrs a day...AND it worked!  

Of course, we had lots of "prizes" (cheap toys) for rewarding the potty training..  hence the teeth above.  And, they were passed for cousin to this point we had given up on passing germs.  Whatever made them happy.  What wonderful memories though....ahhhhh...we will be back!
And...the BIG soccer player.  Henley has started ballet (which she is absolutely in love with) and Davis is playing soccer.  Jury is still out, but the teamwork is good for him and exposure to sports of course.  

Loving these precious blessings everyday!  How blessed we are...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Henley Baby "A"

Well, YES, it's been too long...excuses could be written forever.  We'll just say this summer was magic, especially our month-long trip to the beach.  We had such a great time with Billy's family AND just being at the beach for an entire MONTH.  ahhhhh.  So, needless to say, I have been relaxed and not posting.  A few great pics of my Henley bug have a lot to say though... can I possibly describe this being.  She is hilarious!  Opinionated, strong, venerable, GIRLY, manipulative....and just precious.  She is my girl.

This is not staged... it is innate, which is scary and strange.  I, nor anyone in my family, is as "Diva" as this little munchkin.  She hates anything uncomfortable, including the pool, and loves anything relaxing, cool, and anywhere with snacks.  

Henley and her Daddy..she LOVES her Daddy.  He is such a hero....such a special relationship and one that I just am in awe.  It truly makes you love your husband more when you see the love they have for their children.

This pretty thing will screw up that face in a heartbeat.  Those big brown eyes just slay me.  She is a DOLL...may be a little biased?

This was about as close the ocean as she got...scared-y cat!  Just like her mama.  A natural spring coming from across the street SAVED us from non-stop running to save a babe in the surf.  They were perfectly content to stay in the "spring" 

Davis Gant Baby B coming soon....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Twins

A little late, but...  What can I say, it's been more than a little crazy here.  So, catching up now ~ on April 21st, the babies turned 3 years old!  We decided to do a family party at the farm ~ a "Picnic by the Pool" party to be exact.  
The kids' seating...I thought it turned out rather cute.
I couldn't have pulled off even the family party without the help of these two.  Thank God for Mothers and sisters.  We had a great weekend visiting with the Stewarts too!
Mom surprised the twins with their 3 yr old outfits.  How precious?!  Davis was beyond excited for some new clothing (we may have more than one diva on our hands).

We have since mastered the 3 on our fingers, but that day, we were still struggling a little :-)  It ended up looking more like five.
Cousins!!!  From left: Wilson, Davis, Gus, Jay and "Princess" Henley

Of course, they had their very own local rockstar to perform a special Happy Birthday to You!
Sweet Henley with cupcake on her face -- this one has one BIG sweet tooth, dare I may just be her only tooth.

He is hard to catch, but Oh this BOY...  melts my heart.  Precious.
And of course, not all of them are pictured, but as usual, my entire family was there.  We have the most devoted and caring people as family.  They are precious to me!  Two of my favorite people sweet Cate and Meme.
Stay tuned, because it's SUMMER....a great time to be a teacher.  More to come...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Woo hoo!! Spring Break 2012! Oh how we all have needed a break from the "grind." Billy and I started the first weekend with friends in Birmingham and then on to our small family vacation at the cabin and Chattanooga. The babies (I have to stop calling them baby) had a ball and they were so fun to watch. Everything is MAGIC to them and it's inspiring. Each of them are so precious in their own way...
Arriving at the "Cavin" (cabin) as Henley says. She kept asking me, "Mama, what is dis house?" Me: "It's the cabin baby." Henley: "The Cavin?!" She repeats everything and is such a little talker. Davis is talking so much as well, but sometimes he is a little less "understandable" than Henley. Henley LOVES to point this out, by saying -- "Mama, what is Dabis sayinnnn?" followed by giggles. Making fun of the boy I guess...oh siblings.

Snack time at the cabin.. and yes, Davis is "that" cool. He might just kill us...he might as well have STRONG willed child stamped on his forehead. But, oh Lord, do I love that boy! Henley is so stinking sweet and loves to play "mama" Mainly it gets in the way of parenting, but it is hilarious as she mocks me while disciplining Davis.
Sweet Boy - oh how he LOVES being outside. He took it all it, throwing rocks is a favorite past time.
My sweet "Henny Penny" -- she is a little mama and loves to heal and take care of everyone and anyone. Dogs, cats, toys, Mamas, Dadas, Dabis...anyone who is hurt or in trouble!
A short walk from the cabin in Mentone is The Bridge. Very exciting, especially if you are almost 3 yrs old!
and....3 seconds after they spotted The Bridge. (no worries, Billy and I were on their heels).

(outside the Aquarium buying our tickets-- I mean it was pure excitement)

The next day we decided to make the short drive to Chattanooga from Mentone and visit the Aquarium. Oh and it did not disappoint. The babies (Do I have to stop calling them baby?) were so funny and seeing the awe and amazement through their eyes was SO fun. We took what pictures we could.
Henley walking into the Aquarium Ocean side -- I mean, that smile is to die for! SO EXCITED..and she wore her crabs just so the fish would notice her.
Davis boy walking in as well and just as excited to see the fish -- they had NO idea what they were really about to see.
"NEMO where are you??!!!!?" They both kept yelling throughout the aquarium. So funny (to us..maybe not to others). Even with all the field trips and other Spring Break families..we were by far the LOUDEST of all. Good job twins! *we are currently working on our "inside voice"
I know they are not great pics -- at first I had my camera with the flash, which does NOT work inside (I have GOT to take a class one day). After that, I started having a full on panic attack because the babies were every which way and there were so many people and kids. I felt like it was kid-napping central. Needless to say, the pictures suffered because of this. BUT, on the bright side..the kids did NOT get kid-napped...very successful, don't you agree?!
We rounded out the day with a canoe ride to the falls back at the cabin. What a wonderful, peaceful time with my little family. I'm so thankful for the break and now...Summer here we come!
Love to all...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ode to the farm...

Our family is lucky enough to have this beautiful, peaceful place to retreat every now and then. My parents' farm is just that.....Peace. There is always something to do outside, either a pool to swim or horses to go and pet. This picture was the front of my Christmas card this year and in my mind captures the peace of this place.
My kids and my nephews LOVE to visit and we have big morning walks/runs down the driveway and back up again. "We go runnin....." as the twins like to say. It's the perfect energy absorber, even in this crisp weather we're having now. Davis and his precious underbite is every bit of boy. He tests us most of the time, but we are working on this one. If he weren't so stinkin' cute, ugh...he might just get by with everything!
My Henley "bug" -- goodness is she growing up fast. Her hair has doubled or tripled in length and she is talking up a storm. She has a BIG personality, but sweet as she could be. I love her to pieces!
The cousins decided to have a leaf fight with the mulched leaves one afternoon...mulched leaves = mess, BTW.
Oh but who could stop this fun? They had a ball...of course, all started by Jay.

Davis with leaves in his hair and hands...looking for his next victim (actually probably looking for Jay...he just wants to be like the BIG boys)
And the final product...Miss Priss with mulch in her hair! haha... Oh those eyes. They tell a story and I love every word. My girl...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and the ROLLLLLLLL TIDE!

I probably said this 2 years ago, BUT...Thanksgiving at the beach is the best idea ever! We had a wonderful time with Billy's family. Davis and Gant are "in love," of course Gant is almost 6! We all know Davis just wants to be 6 so badly. Please excuse Gant's loose tooth, it actually was pulled (by myself-and hanging on by one string) on our last night! The beach could not have been more perfect. It was unbelievable weather...73 during the day, 50's at night. Ahhh, so thankful.
Thanksgiving morning doesn't get better than a mimosa and the beach with 2 yr olds...oh my, what great memories! and Happy Thanksgiving!
Cousins on the beach... minus Anne Claire, she was napping, but I'm sure will catch up next year. She is a DOLL, but well on her way to getting in the "mix."
Dada and "Henny," or "Princess Henley" whatever mood you catch her in... too cute this girl... We've been told she has the personality of 4...and don't take that the wrong way.. She is just FULL of it. A mess!
Don't eat the shells baby boy!!!
Oh...finally got it, don't eat shells!

These are my precious nephews! Gant and Reid
And finally Baby girl.... although she looks distraught, she had a BLAST. Her last comment on our last night was "Beach makes Henny happy."

Mouths of babes.... yes Ma'am...Beach makes "HAPPY"