Monday, May 9, 2011

Catch Up

We have been super busy this spring... Just wanted to show a few pictures from our Mother's Day pool party! My parents decided to make the plunge and put a pool in at their house. We are all very excited (with the exception of Dad -- who might have to be the "pool boy"). It was a great day filled with family and fun.
The babies have grown so much! Davis is all boy, but boy does he love to look cool in his sunglasses! He would not take them off.
They are finally starting to get "say cheese" and you can tell by these two pictures.
Henley got a hold of a bowl of cheese PUFFS...her new favorite food as you can see...

The last two pictures were compliments of Billy and his photography skills. He used another setting, but I think they look great. One day, I will learn more about my camera... one day.

Hopefully I can start posting more once I'm out of school. We are on the countdown now -- 1.5 weeks left!!! Look out BEACH...