Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A big weekend

We started this weekend with a BIG first. It was Davis's first haircut. I wrestled with the idea, but we wanted to get some good pictures this weekend, so I decided he needed a little "cleaning up." It is very special because one of my best friends is also our family hairdresser! Chris was so excited about the first cut and we made a big production.
As you can see even with Chris's professionalism, Davis was just not sure about all this haircut business. We put him on the booster chair by himself, smock on and Chris started to cut. It didn't take long until Davis went into complete meltdown mode.

Still looking pretty together....BUT this is how we ended up. Pretty devastating, but Oh SO cute! He looks so much better... and thanks to Chris's suggestion -- I have the first lock of hair in an envelope. Thanks Chris for always remembering the little things! The best hairdresser and friend!!!

The next day, we dressed in our Halloween best and left for Dothan and the Peanut Festival. It was my first and of course, the babies' first festival as well. We had planned it with Billy's family back in the summer and the Gant Family was too excited about showing us the very special, near and dear to their heart....Peanut Festival! Apparently, it is BIG time down in Dothan.
Henley was the belle of the ball! She loves a good festival and just kept walking through the rides waving and saying "heeeeey." I believe she thought everyone came to see her. It was so funny and just too cute.
We even got to pet a Brahma bull. I always thought they were inherently mean, but we were informed by our little "guide," that is just a myth. They were actually really pretty animals.
This was again Miss Henley waving to some festival folks... too funny.
The next day, we decided we might get a Christmas card picture, so we dressed the kids and took them to the botanical gardens. FYI: there is just about NO way to get a decent picture of these two. They are always going different directions, in different moods, etc. Ugh! so frustrating...
I did get some good single shots though.

Davis's new thing -- "Throw your hands UP!"

This was about as good as it got for them together! Don't be surprised if you see it on your card this Christmas.
It was such a fun weekend -- we will definitely be back for an annual visit to the Peanut festival each year.