Saturday, November 17, 2012

Farm Day and the farm

Yes, I'm busy.  I did decide to take a day off last Friday and go with my babies to their school and just be a MOM.  It was so nice to be on the other side.  I know I have not had a chance to say: but, we LOVE the school in Gadsden.  Westbrook has been above and beyond what we ever expected.  We did split the twins into different classes, but each teacher is so great and we have been blessed....Both teachers, "Latta" and "Thompson" (my kids call them this -- choosing to leave out the Mrs.!) fit my precious boy and girl so perfectly.  Thank you Lord -- I am thankful!

My little Henny Penny inside the cage with the pig, rabbit, and goat.  That poor rabbit, I had to rescue the little thing once.  The kids were just too excited about how precious it was...
And yes, I realize I need lessons and I have NO idea how to take pics....please ignore the "light" and look past to the preciousness of that face.  She is a doll!  and a MESS...  details are saved for family only and we are doing the best we can to curb the diva in her, BUT, I do love this girl.  She is my heart.
If you haven't noticed, my children do NOT like to take pictures.  This is the only one I have of Davis from that day.  I can't say enough about this sweet soul.  He has finally passed the terrible 2 stage and he is just amazing.  Sweet and caring, but definitely takes the backseat to his "mama Henley" -- she tends to rule and call the shots.  MESS.
Just had to end with this precious picture of my loves.  The babies adore Billy and it is just as I always imagined.  He is quite possibly the most caring and loving and "in the moment" father.  Thank you family for making me so very, very Happy.
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all.  So much to be thankful for.... What are you thankful for this year?