Sunday, October 30, 2011

A "Pun-gen Match" Birthday

Since I had to miss Jay and Wil's real birthday party, we decided we would do a very relaxed family party at the farm. The twins loved the pumpkin patch so much last weekend, we decided on another pumpkin patch/pumpkin painting party. Of course, Henley was the only one painting (btw... kids were in costumes and excuse the lack of bloomers on Henley).
Wil...Sock Monkey style...
Grandy made the boys' day with lots of chasing and running in the field. Keep Grandy's hat was the game and there were lots of screams and laughs...mainly by the older boys. Oh how Davis longed to keep up! He got "picked" for a Grandy hug.
This picture is so funny b/c it looks so staged, but Dad (Grandy) was actually just trying to catch his breath during the "keep away" game with the boys. We are in to AARP days btw... It's funny, but he could be the Marlboro Man advertisement next month. Anyone who knows my father, KNOWS he did not pose for this picture (but it's great in my opinion)!
Aunt "Ashy" and Henley bonded over the painting -- the only ones interested in the art might I add. Henny loves some art/music/and dancing.
Davis and Nonni...
As the twins say (with great excitement/screaming)...a "PUN-GEN MATCH"
An idyllic day on the farm...pretty fall. I love the way the sun hits in the afternoon right now. I was so thankful for a family-filled day of fun.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well, hellllooooo. What a busy fall it has been. School has gotten the best of me, and the twins have had the rest.. whew! We had such a great family date day today: pumpkin patch style. It was a good time had by all. Hayrides, pumpkins, and a petting zoo.
When I saw it, I knew it was "our" pumpkin. In my mind, it is my last year to actually have a say in the pumpkin we get AND I loved this one. Quirky...sure, but how cool? Of course, I talked/persuaded the babies to adore it, therefore we got it. Haha...I love this age! Billy's exact quote was "You know people are going to stop us and say..'you know you could have picked whatever pumpkin you wanted, right?" for the record...we did receive a complement on our "cool" pumpkin on the way out.
Crazy babies + pumpkin patch = long nap!
Billy explaining the barnyard animals... might I say, He might just be the best Dad I know.

Loved this picture of "Dabis" and the Llama.

Good family memories... Sorry for the delay in updates, BUT I do have many excuses. Much love to all.... and Happy fall!