Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ahhhh January

Oh my gosh, I have grown to LOVE January. The nip of clean, cold air and NOTHING to do. It has become one of my favs. I know that sounds weird, but after the holidays and the National Championship with Alabama, it's just such a welcomed let down.
There has been lots happen in the lives of the twins over the past several weeks. Henley now has 6 teeth and 2 more about to pop out on top. Davis finally sprouted his two bottom teeth this past week -- how precious he's going to be with that smile! Davis is continuing to be a little ahead or just more interested in moving and talking and eating than Henley. I know she'll catch up someday, but she just likes to take her time. He has started chewing/sucking on natural cheese puffs. It choked him at first a little, but he's getting the hang of it. Henley doesn't care for them just yet, even though she has a mouth full of teeth.

This is their new activity table they got for Christmas. Oh how they love it! Henley LOVES to dance, so she just sits back while Davis plays DJ. Of course, he has to stand up at the table -- anything to be "bigger." It is so funny to watch and they are really starting to enjoy each other's company. In fact, since Henley naps so well (and Davis doesn't), I will put him at the activity table when he is the only one awake. He is just not interested in playing the music unless Miss Henley is there to dance. So cute!
They continue to look nothing alike whatsoever. Henley has this smile that she does and I managed to capture a little on camera. Of course, she had her pacifier in, so you are not getting the full effect, but you can see what a character she is. Also Davis is due for another fitting in the helmet. It started to rub a blister and so he has not been wearing it for a week now. Hopefully we'll get that fixed this week.

Henley's "crazy" smile

Another big change in the house is we no longer bathe in the infant bath. This has made life a little easier because I was doing double duty with the baths. I am always doing double duty, but the baths were getting a little taxing in the kitchen. Aunt Nancy and Dianne gave the twins these awesome seats for the bathtub and boy do they LOVE them! We sit in there for about 40 minutes at night and just play. They are never so happy as in the bathtub.
It doesn't get much cuter than this!

Well the babies turn 9 months old his week. In some ways, I've felt everyday of the 9 months and in others it is flying by way too fast. These babies are such a blessing in our lives -- we're so grateful for the joy they have brought to us!