Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and the ROLLLLLLLL TIDE!

I probably said this 2 years ago, BUT...Thanksgiving at the beach is the best idea ever! We had a wonderful time with Billy's family. Davis and Gant are "in love," of course Gant is almost 6! We all know Davis just wants to be 6 so badly. Please excuse Gant's loose tooth, it actually was pulled (by myself-and hanging on by one string) on our last night! The beach could not have been more perfect. It was unbelievable weather...73 during the day, 50's at night. Ahhh, so thankful.
Thanksgiving morning doesn't get better than a mimosa and the beach with 2 yr olds...oh my, what great memories! and Happy Thanksgiving!
Cousins on the beach... minus Anne Claire, she was napping, but I'm sure will catch up next year. She is a DOLL, but well on her way to getting in the "mix."
Dada and "Henny," or "Princess Henley" whatever mood you catch her in... too cute this girl... We've been told she has the personality of 4...and don't take that the wrong way.. She is just FULL of it. A mess!
Don't eat the shells baby boy!!!
Oh...finally got it, don't eat shells!

These are my precious nephews! Gant and Reid
And finally Baby girl.... although she looks distraught, she had a BLAST. Her last comment on our last night was "Beach makes Henny happy."

Mouths of babes.... yes Ma'am...Beach makes "HAPPY"


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