Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ode to the farm...

Our family is lucky enough to have this beautiful, peaceful place to retreat every now and then. My parents' farm is just that.....Peace. There is always something to do outside, either a pool to swim or horses to go and pet. This picture was the front of my Christmas card this year and in my mind captures the peace of this place.
My kids and my nephews LOVE to visit and we have big morning walks/runs down the driveway and back up again. "We go runnin....." as the twins like to say. It's the perfect energy absorber, even in this crisp weather we're having now. Davis and his precious underbite is every bit of boy. He tests us most of the time, but we are working on this one. If he weren't so stinkin' cute, ugh...he might just get by with everything!
My Henley "bug" -- goodness is she growing up fast. Her hair has doubled or tripled in length and she is talking up a storm. She has a BIG personality, but sweet as she could be. I love her to pieces!
The cousins decided to have a leaf fight with the mulched leaves one afternoon...mulched leaves = mess, BTW.
Oh but who could stop this fun? They had a ball...of course, all started by Jay.

Davis with leaves in his hair and hands...looking for his next victim (actually probably looking for Jay...he just wants to be like the BIG boys)
And the final product...Miss Priss with mulch in her hair! haha... Oh those eyes. They tell a story and I love every word. My girl...

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