Sunday, September 16, 2012

Davis Baby B

Baby B, aka Davis, is quite possibly the cutest thing alive.  I want to eat him, or at the very least just cuddle with him....BUT, he is all boy and will have non of the above.  He has always wanted to get away and be independent...I've always said "He just wants to be six."

Cool dude at the beach... He found Gant's sunglasses and that was all she wrote.  He was in love -- with the glasses and with Gant.  Older boys!!  they just slay him.  We had the best time with the cousins.  It also turned out to be a perfect opportunity for potty training.   Close quarters, 24 hrs a day...AND it worked!  

Of course, we had lots of "prizes" (cheap toys) for rewarding the potty training..  hence the teeth above.  And, they were passed for cousin to this point we had given up on passing germs.  Whatever made them happy.  What wonderful memories though....ahhhhh...we will be back!
And...the BIG soccer player.  Henley has started ballet (which she is absolutely in love with) and Davis is playing soccer.  Jury is still out, but the teamwork is good for him and exposure to sports of course.  

Loving these precious blessings everyday!  How blessed we are...

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