Saturday, September 15, 2012

Henley Baby "A"

Well, YES, it's been too long...excuses could be written forever.  We'll just say this summer was magic, especially our month-long trip to the beach.  We had such a great time with Billy's family AND just being at the beach for an entire MONTH.  ahhhhh.  So, needless to say, I have been relaxed and not posting.  A few great pics of my Henley bug have a lot to say though... can I possibly describe this being.  She is hilarious!  Opinionated, strong, venerable, GIRLY, manipulative....and just precious.  She is my girl.

This is not staged... it is innate, which is scary and strange.  I, nor anyone in my family, is as "Diva" as this little munchkin.  She hates anything uncomfortable, including the pool, and loves anything relaxing, cool, and anywhere with snacks.  

Henley and her Daddy..she LOVES her Daddy.  He is such a hero....such a special relationship and one that I just am in awe.  It truly makes you love your husband more when you see the love they have for their children.

This pretty thing will screw up that face in a heartbeat.  Those big brown eyes just slay me.  She is a DOLL...may be a little biased?

This was about as close the ocean as she got...scared-y cat!  Just like her mama.  A natural spring coming from across the street SAVED us from non-stop running to save a babe in the surf.  They were perfectly content to stay in the "spring" 

Davis Gant Baby B coming soon....

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