Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Woo hoo!! Spring Break 2012! Oh how we all have needed a break from the "grind." Billy and I started the first weekend with friends in Birmingham and then on to our small family vacation at the cabin and Chattanooga. The babies (I have to stop calling them baby) had a ball and they were so fun to watch. Everything is MAGIC to them and it's inspiring. Each of them are so precious in their own way...
Arriving at the "Cavin" (cabin) as Henley says. She kept asking me, "Mama, what is dis house?" Me: "It's the cabin baby." Henley: "The Cavin?!" She repeats everything and is such a little talker. Davis is talking so much as well, but sometimes he is a little less "understandable" than Henley. Henley LOVES to point this out, by saying -- "Mama, what is Dabis sayinnnn?" followed by giggles. Making fun of the boy I guess...oh siblings.

Snack time at the cabin.. and yes, Davis is "that" cool. He might just kill us...he might as well have STRONG willed child stamped on his forehead. But, oh Lord, do I love that boy! Henley is so stinking sweet and loves to play "mama" Mainly it gets in the way of parenting, but it is hilarious as she mocks me while disciplining Davis.
Sweet Boy - oh how he LOVES being outside. He took it all it, throwing rocks is a favorite past time.
My sweet "Henny Penny" -- she is a little mama and loves to heal and take care of everyone and anyone. Dogs, cats, toys, Mamas, Dadas, Dabis...anyone who is hurt or in trouble!
A short walk from the cabin in Mentone is The Bridge. Very exciting, especially if you are almost 3 yrs old!
and....3 seconds after they spotted The Bridge. (no worries, Billy and I were on their heels).

(outside the Aquarium buying our tickets-- I mean it was pure excitement)

The next day we decided to make the short drive to Chattanooga from Mentone and visit the Aquarium. Oh and it did not disappoint. The babies (Do I have to stop calling them baby?) were so funny and seeing the awe and amazement through their eyes was SO fun. We took what pictures we could.
Henley walking into the Aquarium Ocean side -- I mean, that smile is to die for! SO EXCITED..and she wore her crabs just so the fish would notice her.
Davis boy walking in as well and just as excited to see the fish -- they had NO idea what they were really about to see.
"NEMO where are you??!!!!?" They both kept yelling throughout the aquarium. So funny (to us..maybe not to others). Even with all the field trips and other Spring Break families..we were by far the LOUDEST of all. Good job twins! *we are currently working on our "inside voice"
I know they are not great pics -- at first I had my camera with the flash, which does NOT work inside (I have GOT to take a class one day). After that, I started having a full on panic attack because the babies were every which way and there were so many people and kids. I felt like it was kid-napping central. Needless to say, the pictures suffered because of this. BUT, on the bright side..the kids did NOT get kid-napped...very successful, don't you agree?!
We rounded out the day with a canoe ride to the falls back at the cabin. What a wonderful, peaceful time with my little family. I'm so thankful for the break and now...Summer here we come!
Love to all...

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Val said...

I miss ya'll SO BAD!!!!! Ready for summer so I can see you.