Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Twins

A little late, but...  What can I say, it's been more than a little crazy here.  So, catching up now ~ on April 21st, the babies turned 3 years old!  We decided to do a family party at the farm ~ a "Picnic by the Pool" party to be exact.  
The kids' seating...I thought it turned out rather cute.
I couldn't have pulled off even the family party without the help of these two.  Thank God for Mothers and sisters.  We had a great weekend visiting with the Stewarts too!
Mom surprised the twins with their 3 yr old outfits.  How precious?!  Davis was beyond excited for some new clothing (we may have more than one diva on our hands).

We have since mastered the 3 on our fingers, but that day, we were still struggling a little :-)  It ended up looking more like five.
Cousins!!!  From left: Wilson, Davis, Gus, Jay and "Princess" Henley

Of course, they had their very own local rockstar to perform a special Happy Birthday to You!
Sweet Henley with cupcake on her face -- this one has one BIG sweet tooth, dare I may just be her only tooth.

He is hard to catch, but Oh this BOY...  melts my heart.  Precious.
And of course, not all of them are pictured, but as usual, my entire family was there.  We have the most devoted and caring people as family.  They are precious to me!  Two of my favorite people sweet Cate and Meme.
Stay tuned, because it's SUMMER....a great time to be a teacher.  More to come...

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